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oto smart sprinkler watering flowers
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 10 February 2020

Millennials are driving high growth in lawn & garden

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about OtO.

The future of lawn care is here.

The OtO™ Lawn is the world’s first smart sprinkler that simplifies lawn care.

The cloud-connected device allows you to automatically water and apply plant nutrition solutions exactly where you want.

OtO is revolutionizing the lawn care and gardening industry with the application of IoT technology to help North Americans save significant time, reduce water waste, and deeply nourish their lawns and gardens from roots to leaves.

Founder and then new homeowner Ali was frustrated with the time, cost, and skill demands of the seemingly simple task of keeping his lawn green. In-ground systems cost a small fortune and off-the-shelf sprinklers required too much lugging around. Pesticides and lawn products weren’t cheap either, and all he knew was he didn’t want them anywhere near his kids.

Being the engineer that he is, he started learning about everything from botany to irrigation systems and dreamed up a better solution.

Today, OtO Inc. is a rapidly growing, Toronto-based outdoor smarthome tech startup that is funded by a global enterprise. The OtO Lawn and OtO Solution’s Lawn Food fertilizer have already been released to customers across the US and will be shipped at a much larger scale in 2021. Customers can pre-order theirs now at

Our mission is to make lawn and garden care easier and more enjoyable through technology & excellence in engineering. Our vision is to unite technology with nature to design a better, more sustainable future for all.


about our products.

According to the USEPA, some experts estimate that as much as 50 percent of water used for irrigation is wasted due to evaporation, wind, or runoff cased by inefficient irrigation methods or systems. With OtO, customers can set custom, precisely shaped watering zones in their yard and skip watering based on real-time weather conditions.

No more overlapping sprinkler heads. No watering the sidewalk. No watering during rain. These environmental benefits are then passed on to the customer in the form of significant cost savings on their utility bill each month.

OtO also takes the guesswork out of confusing lawn products. Our growing lineup of OtO Solutions turn your lawn and garden into a thriving ecosystem by nourishing the soil and plants first with clean and natural ingredients. They are pet- and people-safe, and are applied automatically by the OtO Lawn device. No mixing, no scheduling. Just results.

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our name.

OtO is pronounced “auto” as in “automatic” or “autopilot” which is exactly what we do for your lawn. It also resembles the name “Otto” which we hope makes it more friendly and approachable.

Most importantly, we hope the name reflects what we stand for as a company. Making our customers’ lives easier and providing an exceptional customer experience is at the heart of our culture and values, a spirit that was inspired by the Japanese principal of omotenashi, meaning “hospitality”. In fact, OtO also sounds like the Japanese word for thank you (arigato) and the smiling face logo is inspired by Japanese emoticons (kaomoji)!

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 product photos.

oto smart device on table with all package inclusions
OtO Lawn Food fertilizer can be used with the OtO smart device
OtO Lawn smart device waters your lawn automatically making lawn care easy and efficient

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Ali Sabti and daughter, founder of OtO Inc. smart device
Ali Sabti
Founder & President

Ali is an experienced founder and engineer with experience building devices in the medical, automotive, and consumer electronics space. Before OtO, Ali led a global team on large scale automotive new product developments. A builder through and through, Ali has also built medical devices for cancerous lesion detection and numerous other software products.

Ali knows firsthand the challenges of obtaining and maintaining an enviable green lawn. He is extremely proud that OtO is simplifying lawn care while making it less wasteful at the same time. He is passionate about plants, good espresso, and spending time with his family.

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