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We’re OtO Inc., and we’re using technology to make lawn and garden care better for people and the planet.

Meet OtO, the compact companion that’s redefining lawn care. A hybrid of precision irrigation and all-natural lawn treatments, this device is more than just smart — it's the 24/7 garden aid you’ve always needed. .

OtO is leading the way in innovative outdoor solutions, earning accolades as the Best of Innovation at CES 2022 and being named one of TIME's Best Inventions of 2022. But we don't stop at cool tech—we solve real problems. Residential water waste due to inefficient watering? We're on it, ensuring every drop counts with our precision automation. Advocating for home-grown produce and eco-conscious living? We're leading the way, empowering individuals to make environmentally friendly choices right in their own backyards.

Proudly serving tens of thousands of happy customers from coast to coast, the seamless blend of cutting-edge design and sustainability isn’t just our passion, it’s our programming. We're committed to treating our customers with genuine care and absolute transparency, investing in our team as much as we do in our products because we understand that people are our greatest asset.

Guiding individuals towards a sustainable lifestyle, from greener lawn care to environmentally conscious choices, isn’t just our responsibility—it's our privilege. With OtO, you’re not just choosing a device; you’re joining a greener, smarter revolution.

It all started when our founder, Ali Sabti, bought a house and the yard that came with it.

 Finally! A green space he could call his own. But after a few sun-soaked afternoons in his mini oasis, it hit him—keeping his lawn picture-perfect was turning into a job his schedule just couldn't handle.  

His patch of green wasn't exactly crying out for a pro landscaping crew. And while a full-on sprinkler system felt a bit too much, just one sprinkler wouldn’t cut it. That's when the lightbulb moment happened, and the idea of OtO began to sprout.

team of oto engineers wearing masks looking at algorithm on glass and smart device

Ali leveraged his engineering acumen and brought OtO to life. More than just a sprinkler, it's a precision-driven powerhouse, expertly tending to yards, lawns, and gardens with ease that redefines outdoor care.

Fast forward to Spring 2020. Having devoted thousands of collective hours and crafted hundreds of prototypes, the OtO team finally unveiled their game-changing invention to the world.

Our mission.

To turn our customers' lawns and gardens into beautiful, comfortable ecosystems.

Our vision.

To bring nature and technology together and design a better, more sustainable future for all.

Our promise.

To continually build products that deliver on our mission, values, and expectations.

Meet the team.

Ali Sabti

Founder & CEO

Ali Sabti stands at the forefront of tech innovation, transforming ideas from the medical, automotive, and electronics sectors into products that touch millions. His track record assures customers of solutions that are both groundbreaking and reliable. When he's not innovating, Ali is immersed in family, DIY projects, and crafting the perfect espresso.

John Shahidi

Chief Operating Officer

John focuses on strategy, operations, and finance. He has experience as a founder, a strategy and growth leader, and an investment banker. In his free time, John enjoys traveling, basketball, and spending time with his family.

Madeleine Lee

Director of Product and Customer Experience

Maddie is a diverse marketing specialist with experience working alongside world-class brands, including Walt Disney Studios. When not leading product strategy at OtO, she enjoys traveling and being an armchair movie critic.

Jeffrey Law

Director of Hardware Engineering

Jeff graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been working in the consumer electronics industry ever since. He's interested in smart devices that foster sustainability (OtO for water and Nest for energy). His hobbies are film photography (Pentax 6x7, Canon A-1) and chess.

Matt Eason

Software Development Lead

Matt is a talented web and mobile app developer and UI/UX designer with over seven years of experience working with early-stage startups. Matt enjoys taking his dog for long walks and playing Magic: The Gathering with his wife when not working away on his computer.

Sarah Van Norden

Senior Operations Manager

Sarah previously managed Operations for a Spanish product distributor, overseeing inventory, warehousing, and distribution. At OtO, she's been instrumental in establishing the infrastructure for order fulfillment across North America. Outside work, Sarah seeks local adventures, from farm tours and hikes to live music and events.

Lia Dramen

Marketing Manager

With over seven years immersed in brand and product marketing, Lia has powered campaigns for renowned brands and early-stage startups. Blending her social media roots with go-to-market expertise, she enjoys crafting compelling narratives and driving growth initiatives. Outside the marketing realm, you can find her doing yoga, reading, or scuba diving.

Frank Verriet

Product Developer

Frank is a mechanical engineer with over two decades of vehicle component design, manufacturing, and testing experience.

Nicholas Lee

Lead Engineer, Firmware

Nicholas studied Electrical Engineering at Queen's University and has held roles in industries ranging from building power systems to speech recognition software. He is passionate about designing embedded systems to solve complex problems. Outside work, he enjoys skateboarding, playing the drums, and olympic weightlifting.

Daniel Cleveland

Lead Engineer, Electronics

Daniel graduated from Queen's University with a Bachelor's and Master's in Electrical Engineering and has worked in the medical and consumer electronics industry ever since. He enjoys a side hustle playing jazz and designing pro-audio equipment for local musicians in Toronto.

Sheldon Allen

Lead Software Engineer

Sheldon is our esteemed cloud expert, boasting years of experience in managing internet operations for a diverse range of entities, from startups to large corporations. He possesses extensive knowledge in cloud computing, data management, Python programming, and even cocktail crafting.

Moe Dini

Product Designer (Quality)

Passionate about the environment and climate change, Moe contributes his design, prototyping, and manufacturing experience to developing OtO's unique irrigation system that conserves precious water. Moe indulges in night photography, stargazing, or reading about astrophysics and astronomy when he's not at work.

Vincent Yeh

Product Developer

Vincent, a recent graduate in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Waterloo, is driven by a passion for mitigating human environmental impacts. With an innovative mindset, Vincent embarked on the journey of engineering to create solutions that promote sustainability. When he's not immersed in technology, Vincent enjoys hiking, reading, and learning new languages.

Maya Hart

Operations Associate

Maya obtained her Human Resource Management degree from York University and has been immersed in People Operations ever since. She's passionate about people, thrives in start-ups, and is dedicated to creating inclusive policies at OtO. Outside work, she hunts for Toronto's best oat milk iced coffee.

Ashley Harper

Marketing Associate

Ashley is a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo, where she majored in Arts & Business. She enjoys challenging her creative side, which helps her adapt and navigate through the ever-changing social media landscape. She is passionate about turning storytelling into life through her visual work. In her free time, she enjoys local markets, galleries, and public art classes.

Kieyan Mamiche Afara

Software Engineer

Kieyan studied Computer Engineering at McGill University and brings his experience to OtO as a software engineer. Kieyan is passionate about math, physics, and software design. Outside of work, Kieyan likes to read, travel, run, and lift weights.

Kysen Leo


Kysen is a Mechanical Engineer with robust Reliability Engineering experience in the automotive industry (Tesla) and consumer electronics industry (Google). His hobbies include gaming, softball, and eating tasty food.


Pawduct Manager

Detail-oriented, Charlie's expertise spans cushion fluffiness and chew toy durability, ensuring top-notch pawformance in every pawduct. When not leading brainstorming sessions at the park, Charlie's squeak technology innovation and insatiable belly rub quest inspire us all.

Executive leadership.

Paul Robinson

Chairman of the Board

Join us.

Got ambition? Drive? Are you the type to take the initiative and make things happen? Sounds like you're our kind of person. At OtO Inc., we're all about building a team of go-getters. Here's the deal: We're big on empowerment. We've got opportunities that'll push your career into overdrive. Work hard and you’ll see it pay off with sweet benefits and recognition. We're a bunch of experienced, innovative folks who love to collaborate. Sounds like your kind of scene?

A fun, collaborative, supportive environment.

Comprehensive health benefits.

In-office or at home. Let's talk.

Your birthday is YOUR day (off)!

Tuition reimbursement.

Team events and activities.

Be part of something big.

Inclusive environment.

Snacks, snacks, snacks!

The space.

Our team has access to a cutting-edge industrial facility equipped with the latest in testing and prototyping technology. From vibration test equipment and thermal shock chambers to 3D printers and precision machining tools, we have everything we need to bring our ideas to life.

Our operations extend to a dedicated warehouse for assembly and packaging, ensuring each OtO unit is meticulously put together. And before any product leaves our facility, it undergoes rigorous testing at our on-site lab, guaranteeing that every OtO unit meets our high standards of quality and performance. We're not just creating products; we're crafting the future of lawn care.

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