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our story.

OtO Lawn started when founder Ali Sabti bought a house, and the yard that came with it.

At last, green space he could call his own!

After a few days of fresh air in his mini-oasis, he found out that yard work was, well … more work than he had time for.

His lawn was too small to justify hiring a landscaping company. A sprinkler system seemed like overkill, but one sprinkler wouldn’t cut it. 

black and white image of man holding sprinkler head over lawn watering spraying everywhere
team of oto engineers wearing masks looking at algorithm on glass and smart device

So he put his engineering skills to the test and created OtO Lawn, a smart sprinkler that nourishes your yard/lawn and garden with precision.

Fast forward to the fall of 2020. The OtO team has spent over 60,000+ collective hours, built over 159 prototypes, and persevered through a global pandemic to finally have the opportunity to share the fruits of their labor.

proud team of oto employees holding new oto smart devices
our mission.

To turn our customers lawns and gardens into a beautiful, comfortable ecosystems.

our vision.

To unite technology with nature to design a better, more sustainable future for all.

our promise.

To continuously build products that deliver on our mission, values, and expectations.

replace your...

Pest Control Tools
Irrigation Controller
Fertilizer Tools


Smart Device
Yard Cartridges
App Assistant

Your outdoor living space on auto-pilot. Set it up in minutes!

meet the team.

ali sabti, founder of oto lawn
Ali Sabti

Founder & President

Experienced founder and engineer with over 10 years experience building devices in the medical, automotive, and consumer electronics space. All about his family, good espresso, and plants.

frank verriet product mechanics employee at oto
Frank Verriet

Product Mechanics

Mechanical engineer with 2 decades of vehicle component design, manufacturing and testing experience.

madeleine lee marketing manager at oto
Madeleine Lee

Product Marketing Manager

Maddie is a diverse marketing specialist with experience working alongside world-class brands such as Walt Disney Studios. When she is not leading brand and product marketing strategy at OtO she enjoys travelling as much as possible and being some kind of armchair movie critic.

Sarah Van Norden

Operations Manager

Sarah is an operations specialist who enjoys putting processes in place to help scale businesses. She has also managed and grown an online marketplace. She is passionate about working with emerging companies due to the fast-paced culture and excitement. During her leisure time, she enjoys being outdoors, spending time with her cat and cooking 

jeffrey law mechanical integration engineer at oto
Jeffrey Law

Mechanical Integration

Jeff graduated from the University of Waterloo in Mechanical Engineering and has been working in the consumer electronics industry ever since. He's interested in smart devices that foster sustainability (OtO for water, Nest for energy). Current hobbies are film photography (Pentax 6x7, Canon A-1) and chess!

michael bot power and hardware engineer at oto lawn
Michael Bot

Power & Hardware

Mike is an electronics engineer who loves all things hardware. In the past he’s helped design electronic color sensors, LED lighting for film studios, and even a solar electric car. When he’s not soldering PCBs he likes to make music and bake pastries.

moe dini flow dynamics and assembly engineer at oto lawn
Moe Dini

Flow Dynamics & Assembly

Passionate about the environment and climate change, Moe is excited to contribute his design, prototyping and manufacturing experience to develop a unique irrigation system that conserves precious water. When he’s not at work, you can find Moe indulging in night photography, stargazing, or reading about astrophysics and astronomy.

Executive Leadership

Paul Robinson


Alex Porat

General Council

David Glover


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