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OtO Device (e)
Brian H.
Great Product - Awesome Customer Support

I bought Oto in preparation for a new front lawn we were planning on putting in. We installed and tested Oto but never used it for over a year before we finally laid our new sod. Just prior to that, I tested Oto again a found a battery issue. I contacted the company and without question they had a new Oto shipped to me and it is doing a great job at keeping our sod watered and beautiful.

I'm so impressed with this device and the company behind it that I will buy another for the back yard.

OtO Device (e)
Benjamin Walker
Oto made my tomato plants grow

I have not had much success with some parts of my garden. One being a set of tomato seeds I bought from the dollar store. I went ahead and tried the second round using oto and it worked. We have a little tomato tree about ready to give us some tomatos. Its great!

OtO Device

Works great. The only product that reliably watered a difficult to seed section of the lawn. Highly recommend for challenging lawns.

OtO Device

Great product

Hate the app, definitely need to change the way it manages the fertilizer ! I won’t buy the fertilizer until they do or any other additives

I use this on white clover and its fantastic. Myclover lawn is lush and oh so green.

OtO Device

This is so much better than a buried sprinkler system at a fraction of the cost. This product so far has exceeded my expectations after a few months of use.

OtO Device (e)
Shirley Schmitz
We have a thick lawn for the first time in years

We had a sprinkler system that needed some kind of repair every year, so we decided that rather than replace that expensive system, we'd give these sprinklers a try! Couldn't be happier. It applies the water more evenly, and our entire lawn is thick and green! Couldn't be happier. We're working on another part of our yard to plant grass next year, so we'll probably be purchasing a fourth unit so we won't have to even think about our lawn being watered!

OtO Device
Lindsay Paul
So happy with this purchase

I bought this as a gift for my husband. He doesn't like gift-giving, as most gifts are not practical. This is the exact opposite. He LOVES his new toy. He shows it off and enjoys explaining how it works. If Oto ever comes to a Home and Garden Show near us, we'd be the family to show it off! Neighbours on our street asked how our lawn was so green and lush during a very dry stretch. Husband will probably buy another one for the back yard next year.

Stop the Bites!
Edward Schwartz

The product did have a positive impact on the mosquitoes. We woods near our porch and need protection. It’s worth the additional cost.

Stop the Bites!
Dennis Whalen

Very impressed with the system. Can’t wait to use it next year for a full season.


Stop the Bites!
Christopher Molitor
Cheaper than an inground solution with other nice options

I have been very satisfied with the Otto solution. July I split time between my home and vacation property. I would come back in August and the yard would always be in bad shape due to lack of rain and heat. Otto has solved this issue for me. The solutions are also interesting to me, I have tried the fertilizer and mosquito options. I am happier with the fertilizer results, the mosquito issue hasn't improved much. I have two units, one for the front yard and back. One of the units broke within a week of installation, but Otto replaced it quickly. I hope that there aren't future issues, but I think the warranty is for two years. Overall very satisfied so far and it is cool to watch in action!

OtO Device
Naznin Nelson
I love this thing

Every year I struggle with keeping our grass alive. I had to use and move sprinklers all over, set timers, forget, waste water. I hated it. But we also are planning landscaping, so I didn't want to commit to in ground sprinkler either. Having used these for a couple months now (we own three) I am thrilled! And watching my neighbors' sprinklers water the street, or look like a fountain, I'm not sure we'll ever go with the in ground sprinklers. I love that I can just water the garden if I need to, everything has it's own zone. It skips the day if there's rain, I don't have to do anything with this things!! And my grass is ALIVE!!!

Stop the Bites!
Bob Dockham

I wrote a review in a past email

OtO Device

Great devices.

OtO Device


OtO Device

Works as advertised! A little tweeky to dial in the zones. Only complaint is you can’t creat a full customized Schedule. But Lawn is Green. Can’t complain…


I live in Florida and this has been amazing! My yard has never looked better.

Lawn Food + Molasses
Robert Meyer
It saves you time, IT'S A LIE!!

The reason it's a lie is because I end up spending my time watching Oto water my lawn. So I'm still out there anyway (hahaha)!!! It is very cool watching it in action and it really does work as good as it claims it does. Having the automated solutions in there is also a HUGE plus. Would highly recommend as a SMART, efficient alternative to generic sprinkler systems.

OtO Device
William Brown
Great so far!

I've had our five Oto's for a little a little less than 2 months now, and I am really happy with the way they work. They are fun to set up with the app, and my grass seems to be very happy. I like that it cancels for you if it is going to rain (plus it asks if you'd like to water anyway), and it can be fun to watch the watering process, as it's not like typical sprinklers in its delivery.

Lawn Food + Molasses
Eric Dybevik

Starting to notice my lawn green up in less than 4 weeks

OtO Device
Jose Alfaro
Wish I'd bought 2!

Fantastic product. Wish I'd picked up a second one!

OtO Device
Dale Fernandez
OtO is so cool, I call it my ‘watering robot” to my friends!

I’ve been the worst gardener when it comes to inconsistent watering. #MyOtO has come to the rescue! Even with the first week of watering, I’ve seen some new growth. My passion fruit plant is again spreading its legs! I love the ease of set-up and it was actually quite fun irrigation mapping my backyard with the app. I do not even have a lawn, so the ‘spot’ and ‘line’ watering is perfect for my plants and trees. I know I’ve saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars not needing to lay down irrigation pipes, drip hoses, valves, and water timers, not to mention being able to save water not watering my hard scape! My chickens are getting used to it too!

OtO Device (e)

so far working ok, except for the 18 minute error on the front yard main Lawn that we've discussed.