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Best Solution

The OTO is a revolutionary product for us and our small yard and garden. Not having to run normal sprinkler or soaker lines was much cheaper and easier for us. Our grass looks great with no dry spots. Looking to buy another one very soon.

Perfect, just what we needed!

OtO Device
Great idea

Very happy from the customer support to the OTO unit . It waters my garden, my bird bath and my tree and any item that I need watered.
There are so many possibilities. I am so happy with my first purchase I got another for my back yard . If your tired of dragging the hose out as I was I’am sure you will be happy with your purchase.

OtO Device
George Mendros
Great little companion in the garden.

OtO works great, just as advertised. My plants are loving it and I don't have to water them myself everyday.

OtO Device
Johnny Denes
My lawn will survive!

We have a small lawn area in our backyard (about 600 sqft) that we have been trying to keep alive for years! We laid sod 3 years ago and, without standard in-ground irrigation we struggled to keep it watered adequately and properly. The only thing on the market for a solution was the hose-connected above-ground sprinklers. They required constant moving and adjusting to get only 90% of the lawn watered - and about 50% of our sidewalks and garage wall. The weather fluctuates so much where we live it was hard to maintain a watering schedule, as well as being sure to be home to turn the spigots on! The lawn was dead after the first year. Every year after that we tried over-seeding and fertilizing but still struggled to find a watering solution that was consistent and effective. This year we decided to do it right - we prepped our yard and laid new sod. The only difference this time was we ordered 1 Oto sprinkler. We were skeptical at first because we’d grown so frustrated with other sprinklers and we didn’t want to spend the money on an in-ground irrigation system for such a small area of lawn. After setting the zone, and only a couple of adjustments, our lawn is flourishing! It was easy (and kinda fun) to set up and I love that the app tells me when watering begins and ends. We don’t have to worry about turning the spigot on and off, or finding someone to do it while we’re out of town. And don’t have to worry about constant readjustments so we aren’t watering our sidewalks! I am convinced Oto is the solution we needed to keep our lawn, not only alive, but lush and beautiful. Our next step is to order some of the Lawn Food solutions to ensure we can enjoy our yard for years to come.

OtO Device
Robb Kranz
Love this thing

Have a hard to reach area on the side of my house. Traditional water line install would have been 2-3K. The OTO is handling it. No issues and I can ad extra water on hot days. So great.

OtO Device
Eddie Ramos
Awesome product

Saved me thousands of dollars!
Highly recommend for easy to complex lawn shapes.

OtO Device

Excellent product exactly what I needed

OtO Device
Bevan Koch
Amazing Product, Great Customer Service

The sprinkler delivers as promised...and it is amazing how it maps out the water placement to fill in the entire area right up to the set area boundaries.

I've duplicated a zone (total of 3) and set the lightest watering Eco 1/2" for three times a day on freshly seeded soil. This more frequent, gentle schedule keeps the soil moist while nearly eliminating erosion even on my sloping ground.

I online ordered one OtO. Within a day I changed my mind and contacted customer support with the request to add a second OtO to my order to qualify for the special price for an order of two. The payment went through with the discount, however, there was a mix-up in the warehouse and only the first unit got shipped. Customer support was very quick to rectify the situation and expedite shipment of the second OtO to me.

OtO Device
Lorne Truden
These are Brilliant!

We bought a house that was listed as having in ground irrigation, we bought in winter so were unable to test.
Turns out the irrigation hadn’t been used in 20 years…..so rather than try to breath life into a 20 year old system, we opted to purchase 3 OTO sprinkler systems (one for the front yard and two to cover the back yard). They work excellent, we’re very easy to set up, and so far I have no complaints! Highly recommend this product! An added note, the coverage can easily be modified as the yard (garden) gets changed over time.
Love OTO

OtO Device
Brad Hamilton
Great so far

I’ve had 2 running, front and back, so far for a couple weeks. They are so easy to set up and are working great. It finally warmed up the last week in Colorado so we will see how the new grass seed comes in. I purchased a set of 2 to try out first before I purchase 2 more.

OtO Device
Frederick Pfaucht
To hard to program

I may have to return the units as we still cant get them to operate. Keeps saying cant cross paths.

Safe and Effective

This is the second season I am using Stop the Bites. I have 4 kids, so I'm very particular about what's sprayed on my lawn. I feel like Stop the Bites is a safe product, and it actually does work. We have bad mosquitoes, and it keeps them away. I wish the price was a lower, but it is worth it.

Thank you I love you company.

OtO Device (e)
Greg Coticchia
Superior product and service

I love my Oto. It's a great product that does the job better than anything else out there for me. The service has always been exceptional ---any issue I have had they have helped and stood by the product,

Great product

Easy to set up. Easy to adjust. Good coverage without wasting water.

OtO Device
Chris Edwards
Great product for my situation.

Super easy setup, very intuitive app, lots of features and has done exactly what it is supposed to do.

OtO Device
Jeffrey Kirk

Life changing addition to my yard!

OtO Device
David Walker
So far so good

So far I am happy with my OtO. It takes a bit of practise to set up your zone(s) but once you figure that out it seems pretty straight forward. I love the notifications as I am away from home a lot.

OtO Device
Warren Yell
Love it.

It works as advertised. It has saved my back yard. We have had a bout of no rain. Getting water by OTO has kept my yard looking great while neighbors have died.

Super easy set up

We just set up all of our summer flowering pots on our oto. I often forget to water them daily in the heat of the summer. I am excited to see them flourish this year!

Really neat product. Allows me to set and forget. Only had for two weeks but works well!

OtO Device (e)
Eric Breverman


After I have install new grass. in my yard, I decide to get one OtO. And soon I start to use it I bought two more. My grass is growing beautiful and I’m very happy. I suggest to everybody who would like green to try it. Thanks.

OtO Device
Zach L.
Excellent Set and Forget

Have been using two of these for a couple weeks now. It's awesome to set it and forget it. Especially on the sun side of my house where it has historically been challenging to keep the lawn alive.