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OtO Device (e)
Juan Ledesma
Super smart sprinkler system.

Super sprinkler system.

OtO Device (e)
Bryan Jefferson

Great the work with.

OtO Device (e)
JoLynn Dixon
VERY quick service!

I had an issue with my device and OtO responded quickly and immediately rectified the situation, without additional effort on my part. I continue to be very pleased with the product and company.

Lawn Food + Molasses
Matthew Myers

Lawn Food + Molasses

OtO Device (e)
Judd Antin

OtO Device (e)

Truly a time saver

Of all things one automates in their home, watering the lawn is last to kind. However, so the math and you realize a lot of time is wasted just spraying water back and forth on grass or plants. Sure, it can be a soothing thing , but it gets tedious. As well, what if you’re not home? That’s where this little guy shines. I love my plants and am happy knowing they are doing well when I’m out .

OtO Device
Sergio Koppany
Works Great, battery issue

Hi, I bought 3 units, covered front and back yard. Units work great, save a bunch of water and get watering done timely. I have one unit that even with electric charger connected for 24 hours, will not go over 70%. Suggestions? Still works well and gets the job done.
Thanks !!

Lawn Food + Molasses
Ojas Kulkarni
Helped my new sod survive!!

I got new sod installed in summer, and unfortunately, my home irrigation system developed a leak. So I turned to oto to take care of my new expensive lawn, and I can say, barring some edge locations and spots right next to the oto, this little unit has kept my lawn in good shape so far. Definitely flaunting this to all my lawn-bearing friends. Others wouldn't care :)

OtO Device (e)
Sameer S
Great Product & Customer Service

Works exactly as advertised, is easy to install, and is a fantastic smart-watering solution. Customer service is also fantastic; they go above and beyond to resolve any potential issues (I had a firmware issue and they sent a replacement right away).

OtO Device
Farzan Irani
Super convenient

Had it for a little over a month now. Setup was a breeze and works perfectly. Need to adjust zone boundaries a little after initial setup but not a huge deal. Much better than regular sprinklers in terms of coverage and the fact that it waters the lawn evenly. Also worry free since it automatically starts/stops and skips for rain and wind. So far loving it!

Lawn Food + Molasses
Benjamin Walker
Haven't tried the food yet but the packaging was nice.

Maybe I can update this when I have more info.

OtO Device (e)
michael mcmahon
Replacement Unit, OtO is awesome

I bought a unit and it had a firmware issue. OtO Lawn replaced with no issue. The new unit works flawlessly. I love it.
My yard looks great and I don’t think about watering. ❤️

External Solar Panel
Juan Rodriguez

I have had this for over two years and I have to say that it is worth every penny. It has help me with my busy schedule. MY favorite part of the morning drinking coffee is to see my Oto’s water my grass. 😁❤️ Thanks for everything!! Keep shining!!

OtO Device (e)
Kathleen Maier
Awesome watering tool !

I live on a hillside home with several sections of yard. Care for my yard and gardens have been a yearly nightmare of hoses and timers. I have realized my yearly watering setup and removal time has changed dramatically for the better. I can now automatically spot water the needy and give much more even distribution without water waste to everything else. I would be very unhappy to go back to the old routine. I now have no doubt that the price is worth every penny.

OtO Device
Justin D.
Amazing Sprinkler that Saved $1000s

Absolutely pleased with this sprinkler. After considering an inground sprinkler system and getting quotes ranging from $6000 to $8000, I stumbled across OtO and decided to see if it would work for me. Talk about an upgrade, saved thousands, no digging trenches through the yard, and it works perfectly with precise control and easy automated scheduling that accounts for weather and wind. I ran a 3/4" water hose to them and easily get the 30' distance with ~70PSI from spigot. The install was easy, and rather than mounting on a fence or in ground I decided to put these on a 4x4 post and elevate about the unit about 1' off the grade. I've had no issues with charging but receive plenty of sunlight.

OtO Device
Annabaker Garber
This thing is awesome!

Wow! It was really easy to set up and use. And it takes the fuss out of watering. And it works as you would hope. The app is intuitive and straightforward. Love this thing!

Won me over

I initially had issues with the wifi dropping and the battery running out but turns out those were my issues. I upgraded my wifi extender and added the external solar panel for Oto and its been great! My lawn is back!

OtO Device
Jill Airola
Love the OtO!!!

I have a yard that required 2 units—-they work flawlessly! My yard looks amazing and the fertilizer/lawn food is helping my yard stay green and healthy!

OtO Device (e)
Jackson Biller
Works great, fantastic customer service 1/10 the price of a build in

Buying a second one for my front yard.
Customer service has been extremely response and gone above and beyond.
Had an issue and they overnight-ed me a replacement.
It's reliable and covers a 90% of my back yard at 1/10 what I was quoted for a sprinkler system.
recommending to my friends.

Begging for reviews, this will be my 2nd

Great product, will buy more, but nags for reviews and comments

Lawn Food + Molasses
Marcos Araus
works great after first application

Lawn watered and then fertilized - it’s the Icing on the cake.

OtO Device (e)
Linda Jacoby
Love my Oto!

When my first unit wouldn't work, customer service had the situation evaluated and replaced the unit within the week. I couldn't be happier. I have two units, and both perform exactly as I program them. As a result, my garden and yard have never looked better.

OtO Device
Great idea

Works perfectly. Going to buy 2 more eventually.

OtO Device
Luke Johnson
Easy and fun

I love watching it!

Performs exactly as we needed!

Solar option has worked beautifully for us and the zone definition in the app was super effective. Love the flexibility of the zones, schedule, and simplified timing (we left at default times and the Otos just water in sequence. May get two more!