the future of lawn care has arrived.

Save time and money with automatic lawn treatments and irrigation.

your best lawn life, effortlessly.

Between frequent watering at odd hours of the day, applying confusing treatments using clunky equipment, or paying thousands for expensive professional services, traditional lawn care methods just don't make sense anymore.

Now there's a simpler option. OtO makes the lawn life easy with intelligent watering, precise zone customization, and automated natural nutrition application.

Bringing the smart home outdoors, OtO is the world's first all-in-one wireless controller and sprinkler that saves you time, effort, and money on lawn maintenance.

how it works.

smart outdoor device installing into ground

In a sunny location, push the device in to the ground or mount it higher on a fence.

smart phone programming watering zone on lawn
Customize zones

Set up to 10 precise watering zones with the mobile app.

adding fertilizer treatment to smart sprinkler
Add treatments

Drop in pet- and people-safe fertilizer or pest-repellant so OtO can apply it for you.

wireless solar powered smart sprinkler attached to hose watering lawn automatically

Let OtO adapt to real-time weather conditions to water and apply solutions when your lawn needs it.

Traditional System
OtO Lawn

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not sure how many devices you need?

Try our handy tool to visualize your ideal OtO setup based on the size of your lawn.

how much money can I save using OtO?

A lot. Professional irrigation systems not only require major invasive surgery on your yard, it can also cost thousands of dollars up-front plus costly maintenance fees afterwards. OtO is also less expensive and needs a lot less effort than DIY-ing it.

Wait, there's more: Because OtO waters exactly the right amount, exactly where you want it, you'll also save on your water bill.

Ever wonder what it costs to get the lawn you want? We did the math so you don't have to.

oto cost savings chart

Based on two seasons of use for a lawn of approximately 2,800 sq ft.

we've built the world's simplest smart sprinkler system.

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