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Save time and money with automatic lawn treatments and irrigation.
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I have had this for over two years and I have to say that it is worth every penny. It has help me with my busy schedule. MY favorite part of the morning drinking coffee is to see my OtO’s water my grass. 😁❤️ Thanks for everything!! Keep shining!!

Juan R
Performs exactly as we needed!

Solar option has worked beautifully for us and the zone definition in the app was super effective. Love the flexibility of the zones, schedule, and simplified timing (we left at default times and the OtOs just water in sequence. May get two more!

Joel B
I wish I had bought two!

The OtO is amazing. The app works great. It’s very smart in its design and works well. Looking forward to my second OtO arriving soon hopefully.

Andrew M
Stop the Bites has stopped the bites

Stop the Bites started to kick in a few days after the first use. I let it run at night in an expanded zone that encompasses our lawn and bushes. We were able to hang out in the back yard and actually enjoy a sunset for once.

Steve J
Love my OtO!

I had to choose between tryin an OtO or installing an expensive sprinkler system in my backyard. I decided to take a chance on OtO and have been thrilled with how it’s worked! This is a great product and a company with proactive customer service.

Timothy P
Smart, efficient way to water!

OtO has done an excellent job watering my backyard. It’s easy to setup and getting going. It’s perfect!

Jose R
Could it be better?

I honestly can’t think of a way that it could. The setup process was super simple and fun, and the daily use happens automatically. Our grass is looking healthier than it ever has before. Love this!

Micah K

Faster than calling a gardener.


Connect your hose and WiFi and OtO is ready to go.

smart phone programming watering zone on lawn

Set custom watering areas and your preferred schedule.

wireless solar powered smart sprinkler attached to hose watering lawn automatically

OtO intelligently waters and adjusts to weather.

Spend more time enjoying, less time working in your yard.

Sets up in minutes.
OtO is the easiest irrigation installation ever. All you need is a good quality garden hose and a Wi-Fi connection. No trenches or expensive irrigation professionals needed. Winter coming? Simply drain and store it indoors until the spring.
Get the best lawn on the block.
You shouldn’t need a degree to take care of your lawn. Using real time local and regional weather, windspeed, humidity and temperature data, OtO actively adjusts its schedule to deliver the perfect amount of water and nutrients to your lawn for optimal results.
Water the grass, not the sidewalk.
Save precious water without sacrificing your plants. Create custom-shaped zones in your yard and put an end to overlap and runoff. OtO not only keeps your plants watered, it also applies OtO Solutions like fertilizer, natural mosquito & tick control, and more.
Take the guesswork out of confusing solutions.
Whether you're looking to promote a greener lawn, keep pesky insects at bay, or eliminate unpleasant odors, OtO's smart sprinkler system can simplify your lawn care routine and help you achieve optimal results.
Never worry about your lawn again.

Ditch your old lawn care equipment.
Create different zones for your lawn and garden, and let OtO do the rest. With precision watering and natural nutrient application for each zone, you'll save time, effort, and money on maintenance, all while promoting a healthier, greener outdoor space.
Safe for pets, people & planet.
Sleep like a dog knowing OtO Odor Eliminator is biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe to use around pets, people, and wildlife.

All it does is everything.

Your next sprinkler does a whole lot more than just water the plants.


The perfect balanced diet for lush, green plant growth and healthy soil.

  • Applies automatically on a weekly basis
  • Soil-enriching molasses encourages soil microorganisms
  • Pet, people, and planet friendly with no harsh chemicals

Control pests.

Kill and repel ticks and mosquitos all season long, without any toxic chemicals.

  • Applies automatically on a daily basis
  • 100% mosquito kill rate in first hour
  • Safe, natural lemongrass formula
  • Not available in WA


Powerful enzymic urine odor eliminator for turf, grass, patios, and more.

  • Applies automatically on a daily basis
  • Helps prevent pee spots
  • Biodegradable, safe to use around pets and people
No mixing necessary.

Simply install the Lawn Food + Molasses bottle in your OtO device and tell it where to apply using the OtO Lawn App. OtO applies the right amount, at the right time.

Small doses, big results.

Liquid fertilizers provide the fastest delivery of nutrients, but leaves the soil quickly. OtO keeps the plant constantly fed by applying nutrients in small, regular doses.

Save money. Save water.

Professional irrigation systems not only require major invasive surgery on your yard, it can also cost thousands of dollars up-front plus costly maintenance afterwards. OtO is also less expensive and needs a lot less effort than DIY-ing it. Because OtO waters exactly the right amount, exactly where you want it, you'll also save on your water bill.

best choiсe

List of expenses

in-ground &


do it



$ 2,500

$ 79

Hose-end sprinklers,
splitters, etc

$ 748

for 2 units

Installation labor

$ 1,000

$ 270

18 hours at $15/hr

$ 0

Smart controller

$ 300

High-end controller
& programming

$ 99

Basic controller


Maintenance, winterizing

$ 500

$ 30

2 hours at $15/hr

$ 0

Total cost

$ 4,300

$ 478

$ 748

for 2 units

Cost of Water ($0.01/gallon)


2 seasons*

$ 2,692

25% water waste

$ 3,325

40% water waste

$ 1,995


Total cost

(moving sprinklers around, adjusting heads, etc.)


$ 3,325

$ 1,995

Fertilizer treatment

Professional service

Two annual subscriptions to

fertilizer service

3 bottles per season,

per device

Total cost

$ 350

$ 180

12 hours at $15/hr

$ 234

Application cost

$ 7,342


$ 2,977

*Based on 2 OtO units, each covering 2,000 sqft for two 8-month seasons
*Watering 1.25 inches per week for 4,000 sqft.

Traditional System

OtO Lawn

Try OtO for 30 days risk-free!

Impressive 2-year hardware warranty

Always free shipping

How many devices do I need?

Try our handy tool to visualize your ideal OtO setup based on the size of your lawn

Where can I use OtO?

One sprinkler to rule them all.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How many do I need for my yard?

Each device has a reach (radius) of 30 feet.

You can think of this as a 60-foot diameter.

Or an area of 2,800 sqft.

Depending on where you want to water and your landscaping, our customers usually have small- to medium-sized suburban lawns. They usually make do with 1-2 units in the back, and 1 unit in the front.

When are you shipping?

All orders ship in 3-5 business days! We are currently available to ship in Canada and the USA.

How does the solution plan work?

You can subscribe to any of our solutions:

- Lawn Food + Molasses

- Stop the Bites! Mosquito & Tick Control

- Pet Odor Eliminator

Each plan runs from March to September. Meaning you'll only receive up to three bottles each growing season, per plan.

Shipping is always free and when you subscribe, your first bottle is on us!

We know you'll love it, but know you can cancel your plan at any time through the customer portal. No calling Customer Service necessary.

Does OtO account for wind?

Yes! Watering or applying lawn treatment products when it is too windy is inefficient - it increases the amount of water that is blown away in the wind or the moisture evaporates quickly before it can properly feed the plants.

The Wind Skip feature allows OtO to skip watering and solution application events are too high.

What do I need for OtO?

All you need in order to use OtO:

1. Pressurized water (min. 50 PSI)

2. Hose

3. Wi-Fi

If you are using the solar panel, you will also need a minimum of 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. Alternatively, if you aren't blessed with this much sun, you can choose to use the included wall power adapter.

You can use OtO as a water sprinkler only, it does not require the OtO solutions to operate.

What are OtO’s measurements?

Device: 16.L x 12.3H x 3.9W"

For full specs and features, visit our Device Specs page

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