a bite free lawn at the touch of a button.
Say bye-bye to ticks and mosquitos in your yard, naturally.
There's a little-known secret to mosquito and tick protection. We call it Stop the Bites! Mosquito and Tick Control Spray. Our all-natural solution, when applied with the OtO Lawn smart device, automatically delivers safe and effective ingredients that repel mosquitos and ticks without all the toxic chemicals. The result? Lawn protection from potentially disease-carrying insects and total peace of mind in your outdoor space.

a tick-free, mosquito-free lawn and garden is now within reach.


Get rid of mosquitos and ticks effortlessly with the same smart device that waters your lawn (aka the OtO Lawn smart device)

Easy to use

Simply add a bottle to the OtO Lawn Smart device and let it run its schedule.

Safe for you and the environment

Blend of natural botanical oils that apply automatically at night when mosquitos are out but bees and butterflies aren’t.


Don’t waste solution in the rain or wind. Skip applications automatically using Weather Intelligence.

Quick results

Kill ticks and mosquitos in as quickly as 4 hours.

Results that last

Kills and repels ticks and mosquitos for up to 4 weeks.

how to use.

Buy online

Use the app to scan

Assign the spray to your zones

Apply on schedule or on demand

how safe is it?

Safe for you and your family

Stop the Bites! Mosquito and Tick Control Spray contains no harmful chemicals meaning you can spray around your family with confidence. Always follow the instructions on the label.

Safe for your pets

This unique blend of botanical ingredients won’t harm your dogs or cats and it’s considered acceptable for use in areas where pets play.

Safe for the environment

Made from natural active ingredients that break down naturally and dissipate from the environment quickly.

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