a bite free lawn at the touch of a button.
There's a little-known secret to mosquito and tick protection. We call it Stop the Bites! Mosquito and Tick Control Spray. Our all-natural solution, when applied with the OtO Lawn smart device, automatically delivers safe and effective ingredients that repel mosquitos and ticks without all the toxic chemicals. The result? Lawn protection from potentially disease-carrying insects and total peace of mind in your outdoor space.
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a tick-free, mosquito-free lawn and garden is now within reach.


get rid of mosquitos and ticks effortlessly with the same smart device that waters your lawn (aka the OtO Lawn smart device)

Easy to use

simply add a bottle to the OtO Lawn Smart device and let it run its schedule.

Safe for you and the environment

unique blend of natural botanical oils that apply automatically at night when mosquitos are out but bees and butterflies aren’t.


don’t waste solution in the rain or wind. Skip applications automatically using Weather Intelligence.

Quick results

kill ticks and mosquitos in as quickly as 4 hours.

Results that last

kills and repels ticks and mosquitos for up to 4 weeks.

how to use.

It's as easy as 1,2,3,4.

Buy online
Use the OtO App to scan the QR code on the bottle
Assign the mosquito spray to as many zones as you want using the OtO app
Choose to apply on a schedule or on demand. You decide

when and where to use.

use at night when mosquitos are most active.

spray under shrubs, wood piles, leafy areas and anywhere that’s shaded and moist.

program the OtO Lawn Smart device to spray around bushes (where mosquitos live) and on grass (where ticks live).

how safe is it?

Safe for you and your family

Stop the Bites! Mosquito and Tick Control Spray contains no harmful chemicals meaning you can spray around your family with confidence. Always follow the instructions on the label.

Safe for your pets

This unique blend of botanical ingredients won’t harm your dogs or cats and it’s considered acceptable for use in areas where pets play.

Safe for the environment

Made from natural active ingredients that break down naturally and dissipate from the environment quickly.

Safe for sidewalks and hardscape

Our solution is safe for pavers, decks and sidewalks. It won’t leave a slippery residue behind.

Stop the Bites! Mosquito and Tick Control Spray

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When applied with the OtO device, Stop the Bites! Mosquito and Tick Control Spray is a convenient, effective, and all-natural way to kill and repel ticks and mosquitos. Allowing you to enjoy the outside without the annoyance of itchy bites or diseases these insects carry.

This natural product is proven to perform at the same efficacy rate as the leading synthetic spray, but without the harmful toxic chemicals. 

  • 100% mosquito kill rate in the first 24 hours
  • 100% tick kill rate in the first hour
  • Kills and repels for up to 4 weeks

Active ingredients: Lemongrass oil, geraniol, castor oil, cedarwood oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, corn oil

Inert ingredients: Water, soap, oleic acid, 1-monolaurin

How it’s Used

  1. Use the OtO App to scan the QR code on the bottle.
  2. Assign the mosquito spray to as many zones as you want. You can also set zones that only apply the mosquito spray and is not part of your watering schedule.
  3. Choose to apply the spray on a schedule OR on demand as needed. You can adjust the frequency and concentration based on the severance of the infestation.

OtO applies the repellant on an automated schedule so you can focus on enjoying your outdoor space. 

Net contents: 28 FL OZ

One bottle lasts approximately 2 months (based on 1,000 sqft applied daily).

    **NOT FOR SALE IN CANADA OR WA. Currently only available for purchase in the USA (excluding WA). We are working on registering a mosquito control for Canada!**

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Richard Duckworth
    GREAT product

    Great product, create a schedule and let oto take it from there!

    Steve J
    Stop the Bites has stopped the bites

    Stop the Bites started to kick in a few days after the first use. I let it run at night in an expanded zone that encompasses our lawn and bushes. We were able to hang out in the back yard and actually enjoy a sunset for once.

    Daniel Risch

    Lawn Food + Molasses Fertilizer