a convenient, effective and
natural way to kill and repel
ticks and mosquitos.
Effortless, automatic lawn and garden treatments, delivered right to your door.

a tick-free, mosquito-free lawn and garden is now within reach.


A solution with a 100% mosquito and tick kill rate, that lasts for up to 4 weeks, delivered right to your door, right when you need it.

add solutions.

Use the OtO App to scan the QR code on the bottle and install up to three solution bottles per OtO smart device.

assign to custom zones.

Assign the mosquito spray to as many zones as you want. You can set zones that only apply the mosquito spray without making it part of your watering schedule.

goodbye pesky insects.

Let OtO apply the repellent on an automated schedule in small, regular doses to create a scent-based bubble that keeps ticks and mosquitos at bay!

ingredients you can trust.

This natural product is proven to perform at the same efficacy rate as the leading synthetic spray, but without the harmful toxic chemicals.

lemongrass oil.
cedarwood oil.

simple solution. powerful results.

proven to work.

Unique formula offers a 100% mosquito kill rate in the first 24 hours, 100% tick kill rate in the first hour, all that while killing and repelling for up to 4 weeks!

spray on a schedule, or on demand. you decide.

Do you like spraying on demand? You can! Do you like the convenience of scheduling your treatments? You also can! Either way, it's recommended to spray when mosquitos are most active (usually after dark), and also avoid spraying in the middle of the day. We take the guesswork out of the process with our default settings that include spraying twice per week at 2:00am (these settings can be customized anytime).

Got grass? Got bushy areas?
we've got you covered!

This solution can be sprayed under shrubs, wood piles, leafy areas and anywhere that is shaded and moist. It's recommended to apply it on the grass to effectively target ticks, and apply it under and around bushy areas (anywhere shady and moist) to target mosquitos.

smart + easy
dynamic duo!

Better together! Pairing the Mosquito and Tick Control Spray with the OtO smart device makes it easier than ever to customize your experience to your preferred time of day, day of the week, number of applications per week, adjust concentration, and more!