Stop the Bites(C)! Kills and controls adult mosquitos and ticks using the OtO Lawn smart device.
The natural way to get rid of ticks & mosquitos easily with OtO Lawn. Bottle
Label Stop the Bites! Mosquito and Tick control spray for the OtO Lawn device.
Stop the Bites! Mosquito and Tick Control Spray

Stop the Bites! Mosquito and Tick Control Spray

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When applied with the OtO device, Stop the Bites! Mosquito and Tick Control Spray is a convenient, effective, and all-natural way to kill and repel ticks and mosquitos. Allowing you to enjoy the outside without the annoyance of itchy bites or diseases these insects carry.

This natural product is proven to perform at the same efficacy rate as the leading synthetic spray, but without the harmful toxic chemicals. 

  • 100% mosquito kill rate in the first 24 hours
  • 100% tick kill rate in the first hour
  • Kills and repels for up to 4 weeks

Active ingredients: Lemongrass oil, geraniol, castor oil, cedarwood oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, corn oil

Inert ingredients: Water, soap, oleic acid, 1-monolaurin

How it’s Used

  1. Use the OtO App to scan the QR code on the bottle.
  2. Assign the mosquito spray to as many zones as you want. You can also set zones that only apply the mosquito spray and is not part of your watering schedule.
  3. Choose to apply the spray on a schedule OR on demand as needed. You can adjust the frequency and concentration based on the severance of the infestation.

Apply the repellant on an automated schedule so you can focus on enjoying your outdoor space. OtO applies the spray in small, regular doses to create a scent-based bubble that repels annoy ticks and mosquitos.

Net contents: 28 FL OZ

    June batch is SOLD OUT! Current estimated delivery: July 2021

    **NOT FOR SALE IN CANADA. Currently only available for purchase in the USA (excluding WA). We are working on registering a mosquito control for Canada!**

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    what is OtO?

    OtO is the world's first smart sprinkler and wireless controller that actually saves you time and money. By automatically watering and applying liquid treatments to your lawn and garden from one compact device, you'll significantly simplify your maintenance routine and save up to 50% on your water bill.
    Your wallet will thank you, and the planet will too.

    save time
    let your lawn water itself.

    Using real time local and regional weather, windspeed, humidity and temperature data, OtO actively adjusts its schedule to deliver the perfect amount of water to your lawn.

    smart sprinkler device watering lawn and hedge with smart phone schedule
    oto smart sprinkler separates lawn and garden into three custom watering zones
    save water
    water the grass, not the sidewalk.

    With up to 10 precise irrigation zones and a revolutionary long range 360° nozzle, reach more of your lawn from one compact device.

    no headaches
    take the guesswork out of confusing lawn treatments.

    Happy soil means healthy grass. OtO automatically applies liquid nutrition and treatments to your lawn through the water stream, keeping your grass lush and strong without the hassle.

    lawn food fertilizer solution for oto smart device on table in backyard

    one device. so many features.

    precise zones.

    Water only the unique shape of your lawn (up to 10 zones). Save on your water bill and reduce water wastage.

    flexible, easy setup.

    Self-install and connect multiple units. No destructive in-ground system or expensive irrigation professionals needed. Winter coming? Simply drain and put indoors until the spring.

    long range & 360° nozzle.

    Reaches up to 30 feet (9m)* and actively adjusts to water pressure changes. *At 50 PSI.

    mobile app.

    Use the OtO Lawn app to view & edit your schedule, and make changes to the watering amount. All from the palm of your hand. iOS or Android compatible. No monthly subscriptions or hidden fees.

    solar powered.

    Can be operated entirely from the on-board solar panel or the provided 50 foot cable wall adapter.

    nutrients on autopilot.

    Apply fertilizer, treatments, and pest control effortlessly. Assign different treatments to different zones or assign multiple treatments to the same zone.

    built-in security.

    Physically lock the unit to a permanent object to prevent against theft. Also linked to our secure mobile app, preventing others from accessing it.

    smart watering.

    Simplify your lawn maintenance with smart watering. Reacts in real time to weather, humidity, windspeed, and temperature changes.

    getting set up is a walk in the park.

    shop with peace of mind.

    try it risk free.

    We’re so confident you’ll love OtO that we offer a no-hassle 30-day money back guarantee.

    return policy.
    2-years of protection.

    OtO is built to last, but rest easy knowing you are protected with a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

    support at your fingertips.

    Reach a human being at any time directly through our app or browse FAQs in our Help Center.

    visit our help center.

    not sure how many devices you need?

    Try our handy tool to visualize your ideal OtO setup based on the size of your lawn.

    frequently asked questions.

    How far does it reach?
    At 50 PSI, the OtO device can reach up to 30 feet and waters in a complete 360-degree circle. Thirty feet is the maximum, so if you have more than 50 PSI you will not be able to reach further. Learn more.

    When will I receive my order?
    We are currently estimating an approximately 10-12 week lead time from the date of the order. Learn more.

    How many devices do I need?
    This depends on a number of factors including your landscaping, water pressure, and how many spigots you have. Luckily, we have a handy tool that you can use to visualize the size of your lawn against OtO’s 30-ft reach.

    Can I use OtO for plants other than my lawn?
    Of course! While OtO’s water spray is optimized for stronger plants such as all grass types, trees, and shrubs, we do have customers that use it on their flowers and vegetable gardens, as well as hanging baskets and planters. Note that the spray cannot be adjusted at this time. Very delicate or young seedlings may not be ideal for OtO. Learn more.

    Does it require an external power source?
    No, as long as you have 3 hours of direct sunlight per day, the onboard panel will be sufficient. If you do not have this much sunlight, you can use the provided cable wall adapter or our external solar panel accessory (coming soon). Learn more.

    How does it work with the fertilizer?
    OtO applies OtO Lawn Food in small, regular doses promoting lush, green growth effortlessly and naturally. Simply add to the device, assign to your zones, and each bottle will last between 30 – 60 days. You can also subscribe so you never miss another application. Learn more.

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