mosquito- and tick-free living,

Don’t let pesky mosquitos or ticks prevent you from enjoying your yard.

OtO and Stop the Bites! automatically maintains a bug free environment that you control from your phone, without the use of harsh chemicals.

the bite-free life is easy.

Say goodbye to manually applying toxic sprays and expensive service companies. Simply attach OtO to a hose, insert the all-natural Stop the Bites! solution spray and let OtO automatically get rid of and keep away ticks & mosquitos in your yard. For good.

natural, powerful formula.

Going natural doesnt mean sacrificing results. Stop the Bites! performs just as well or better as leading synthetic mosquito and tick control solutions.

100% mosquito kill rate in the first 24 hours 100% tick kill rate in the first hour Kills and repels all season long

safe for pets, people & planet.

Throwaway the hazmat suit. Stop the Bites! is made with natural ingredients like lemongrass oil, geraniol, castor oil, cedarwood oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, and corn oil. That’s it. Safe to use around pets and people.

target ticks and mosquitos where they live.

Program OtO to spray exactly where you want for maximum efficacy.

small, doses, big results.

Maximize the power of natural products using small doses, for big results. Frequent, consistent application, without the run-off.

easy to set up and use.

Self-install OtO in minutes and connect multiple units if needed. No trenches or expensive irrigation professionals needed. Winter coming? Simply drain and keep indoors until the spring.

OtO Mosquito & Tick Control

Get rid of mosquitos & ticks without any toxic chemcials. All season long.

Each device is $399 or less when you subscribe. Buy more units, save more.

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2-year hardware


Why pest control with OtO?

Mosquitos and ticks can not only ruin a nice evening in the backyard, they can also carry dangerous diseases that prevent us from enjoying our yard at all.

OtO automatically maintains a bug-free environment with the all-natural Stop the Bites! mosquito and tick control spray.

Simply install the bottle into your OtO device and draw custom-shaped zones in your yard where you want OtO to spray. OtO will apply Stop the Bites! for maximum efficacy based on weather, season, and geography - helping you get rid of pests all season long.

No backpack sprayers, toxic chemicals, or expensive pest control companies needed.

Can I use Stop the Bites! around kids and pets?

Yes! Being safe for pets, people, and the planet is incredibly important to us here at OtO. Stop the Bites! contains no harmful checmials meaning you can spray around your family with confidence.

As with any pest control product, always follow the instructions on the label.

What are the ingredients?

We only incorporate high-

How does the subscription plan work?

Once you subscribe in the checkout, you’ll recieve three bottles to your doorstep each season (March - October). Each bottle will last until you recieve the next bottle so you never run out and are continuously proteted from unpleasant pet smells in your yard.

Each bottle ships for free, and right now when you bundle a subscription with an OtO unit, you’ll recieve $100 off your device ! We know you’ll love it, but know you can unsubscribe at any time.

What is the OtO device?

OtO is the only sprinkler and treatment device you’ll ever need. By automatically watering and applying liquid treatments to your lawn and garden from one compact device, you’ll significantly simplify your maintenance routine and save up to 50% on your water bill.

• Fill each unit with up to three different subscription plans.
• Control your schedule and apply on demand with the OtO Lawn App.
• Solar powered for maximum convenience.
• Each device reaches up to 30 feet in 360{degree sign}*

Where can I buy Stop the Bites!?

Currently only available for purchase in the USA excluding WA.

Does OtO account for wind?





Operating tempratures

Above 32°F (°C)

App provides push notification if weather will be less than 32°F (0° Tested in-lab up to 149°F (65°C)

App Language


App Compatibility

iOS 8.0 and above

Android 6.01 Mashmallow and above

Mobile App and all future releases are free for life

App is required to connect device Wi-Fi


10 per device

On-board solar panel requires mir 3 hours direct sunlight per day for uninterrupted use

battery & Power

Comes with 50 ft. cable wall adapter for shady areas or power boost when needed

Compatible with External Solar panel (sold separately)


Black and beige with orange noz


Est. Min. 2 feet (0.6m)

Est. Max. 30 feet (9.1m) radius (a flow rate of minimum 5.6 gallor per minute)

Each unit covers up to 28,00 square feet

Mounting Options

Steel mounting bracket can be installed in the ground, drilled int wood/brick or cable tied to chain link fence (cable ties not included)


Steel base can be secured using cable or chain and lock, max 3/8 inches width (cable lock not included)

Box Includes

OtO unit

Steel mounting bracket/ground stake & assembly parts 12V Wall plug and 50 ft. outdoor cable

Quick start guide


High-quality garden hose Wi-Fi connection, -70 dBm or greater (2.45GHz only)

Direct sunlight, 3 hours per day O regular wall outlet

Minimum water flow rate of approximately 5.6 gallons per minute (24 liters per minute) Minimum hose diameter of 5/8 inches ID (the larger the ID and shorter the hose, the better to retain desirable water pressure)


2 years

How many OtOs do I need?

Try our handy tool to visualize your ideal OtO setup based on the size of your lawn

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The perfect lawn, without the hassle.

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