The Case for Buying an Electric Lawn Mower

Welcome to the future of cutting lawns. Gone are the days of rapidly yanking the starter rope of a gas lawn mower and, when it doesn’t rumble to life, nervously checking its oil levels and spark plugs. And that’s not even considering the fact that each of those parts needs to be frequently replaced, contributes to ongoing costs, and runs with nonrenewable, increasingly expensive power. Yikes!

There are many reasons why the world is starting to go electric in the way we drive. The same applies to how we mow and maintain our lawns. Electric lawn mowers are the best option on the market for their convenient, conscious, and cost-effective treatment of your grass—and their technology is more cutting-edge (get it?) than ever.

I’ll explain the current lawn mower market, your two options for power types, why electric is the way to go, and how to maintain your sure-to-be impeccable lawn moving forward. In a market inundated with features and brands, we’re cutting through the noise.

The Lawn Mower Market: You’ve Got Options!

The original lawn mower was a heavy machine pushed forward with a wrought iron bar—but that was almost two centuries ago. Lawn technology has come a long way since, and that’s a good thing, for our bodies, costs, and convenience.

Now you can find a wide range of lawn mowers on the market: units that are cordless, that gather grass cuttings as they go, or that chop up grass cuttings finely and push them back into the lawn as mulch. There are self-propelled lawn mowers that you simply have to steer, lawn mowers that you can ride, and mowers designed to cut right up to the edge of your lawn. There are even robotic lawn mowers that work similarly to robotic vacuums, freewheeling across the lawn and dodging obstacles as they go.

If you just started looking for a lawn mower and feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone! But determining how your lawn mower is powered will help immensely when you eventually choose the right features for you.

Types of Powered Lawn Mowers

Generally, lawn mowers are either powered by gas or electricity. (Whew, that’s just two options!) Gas- or petrol-powered lawn mowers are the more traditional units, and until electrical lawn mowers became more powerful, they were thought of as the best choice for large gardens. But they also typically require frequent servicing, including replacing oil, air filters, and spark plugs.

Thankfully for everyone interested in having a beautiful yard of any size with the best, most cost-efficient technology, electric lawn mowers have caught up with—and lapped—traditional gas units.

Why Electric Is the Way to Go!

Electric lawn mowers are your best bet for a convenient, cost-effective, and conscious cut. That’s because they’re super low maintenance, are easier to use, come in a wide range of power options, run at a quieter volume, and are more sustainable for the planet (and your wallet).

Lawn Maintenance Thats Low-Maintenance

Traditional lawn mowers come with a ton of baggage—specifically, many parts that require regular maintenance. Because they’re powered by gas, they need frequent oil changes and spark plug and air filter replacements. Plus, the more parts that make up a machine, the more that can go wrong.

Electric lawn mowers are the modern answer to hours wasted on maintenance. Unlike traditional mowers, electric mowers have fewer moving parts, and require less upkeep. Not to mention how much you’ll save on replacement parts.

Don’t hear that noise? That’s because it’s the sound of money staying in your bank account.

A Lighter Maneuver for Easy Use

Traditional, gas-powered lawn mowers are notoriously strenuous to use, because they’re pretty heavy. Electric lawn mowers are typically much lighter, which makes them easier to push around your lawn. This is especially helpful if you have a small lawn that requires sharp turns, or if you have an uneven lawn.

This lightness and flexibility make electric lawn mowers a better choice for everyone, including those with physical limitations, whether they be short- or long-term. Let’s just say this: if you ever sprain your back, you’re going to want to reach for an electric lawn mower, not a heavyweight gas mower.

Choose Your Power!

You always want to buy the right equipment for your preferences and your lawn’s specifications. The same goes when choosing your next electric lawn mower. The bigger your lawn, the more power you’re likely to want, which will keep your mowing time from becoming a prolonged, strenuous task. But the less power, the less you spend on your monthly energy bill. For most lawns, the golden spot is somewhere in the middle.

Another feature associated with power is that smaller, more lightweight models come with power cords, while the more heavy-duty models come cordless. Again: your lawn, your decision. When it comes to electric lawn mowers, you have a wide range of options.

Shhh… These are the Quietest Types of Motor

We’ve all been there: we treat ourselves to a morning of sleeping in just to be woken up at 7 A.M. by our neighbors firing up their gas lawn motors. On one hand, good for them. On another hand, there’s nothing peaceful about someone getting an early start on chores with the help of loud machines.

Thankfully, electric lawn mowers are generally much quieter than gas-powered mowers, and have a lower decibel output. If you have noise-sensitive neighbors or live in a densely populated area, an electric lawn mower could make your life loads easier. And who knows? Maybe your neighbor will see you using yours and get one for themselves. Now, wouldn’t that be nice…

Good for Your Grass, for your Wallet, for the Planet

Electric lawn mowers might be unfriendly to the messy growth in your yard, but they’re exceptionally friendly to the planet. Traditional lawn mowers need gas to get them going, which both uses up a nonrenewable fossil fuel and produces nasty emissions in your yard. Those emissions could actually be harmful to your plant life, as well as any small animals that might be passing through your lawn. And as you can probably imagine, those emissions are not exactly healthy when inhaled by humans, either.

On the other hand, electric lawn mowers produce near zero emissions when they’re being operated. Plus, they recharge using electricity, which increasingly coming from renewable energy sources. They’re the kind of tool you’ll want to have for the long haul—especially since we’re all seeing increasingly fluctuating gas prices these days.

Don’t Forget to Maintain That Fresh Cut!

The best way to set that freshly manicured lawn up for success? Since you’ve already embraced the newest technology with your electric lawn mower, the next step is automatic lawn treatment. Installing smart lawn care like the OtO device in your yard will ensure the overall health of your grass—from real-time irrigation analytics, to pest control, to fertilization, to pet deodorizing. All it does is everything—all while saving you up to 50% on your monthly water bill.

Lawn care from mowing, to watering, to treating just got easier—for you, your wallet, and the planet.

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