Holiday Gift Guide: The 10 Best Backyard Gadgets for Tech Lovers

Thought tech was for just the great indoors? Think again.
Innovative connected tech products aren't just for your living room anymore. Over the years, tech has been (technophiles rejoice 😃) filling every inch of our homes from the kitchen to basements to bathrooms and most recently, the backyard.
Innovations in solar power and waterproofing have made our yards the perfect place for hosting cool connected devices that are your perfect outdoor companions. 
So just when you thought your favorite techie had it all, it’s time to look to the outdoors and help get their smart homes outside 😎

NETGEAR Orbi Outdoor Wi-Fi Extender

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A strong Wi-Fi signal in the yard is the gateway to supporting all of the fantastic connected outdoor devices for sale today. Thankfully, the Netgear Orbi Outdoor Wi-Fi Extender is here to make sure the tech lover in your life has a reliable and fast Wi-Fi connection in their outdoor oasis. This rugged Wi-Fi Extender works with any brand of Wi-Fi router and boasts 2,500 square feet of coverage. This means it’s an easy addition to a home’s existing Wi-Fi Router with a huge impact of increased Wi-Fi range. Thanks to its IP66 rating, the Orbi is waterproof and can handle just about any weather your favorite techie can throw at it.

Ecobee Smart Camera

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The Ecobee Smart Camera is the perfect gift to give your tech lover a bird's eye view of your outdoor space when you’re not home. The Ecobee Camera is your eyes in the sky monitoring for motion and making sure they don’t miss a thing. Now gift recipient never has to wonder what animals are digging around in their garden or what their dogs are up to when they’re looking? The Ecobee Camera is here with the answers while also keeping owners safe from unwanted intruders.

Traeger Timberline Series Grill

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There’s nothing better than gathering in your backyard with friends and family to share a perfectly smoked brisket. Thanks to the Traeger Timberline Series, you can give the ultimate grilling gift that allows the recipient to spend less time in front of the grill and more time with friends and family. The Traeger Timberline is a self-feeding wood pellet smoker that uses a precisely controlled pellet feeding system to maintain the exact temperature set on the grill. This allows for superbly cooked meat with a great smokey taste. Traeger even includes app control WIFIRE Technology to adjust the grill’s temperature and match recipes from your phone. Empower your tech lover with the power of perfect grilling technology.

Philips Hue Smart Outdoor Lights

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If you’re anything like us, then you probably enjoy spending a beautiful evening in your yard after the sun has gone down. Thanks to the complete connected outdoor lighting system by Philips can gift the gift of the perfect outdoor lighting display for the home. All of the Philips Hue outdoor lights are built to stay connected and weather the most extreme outdoor weather. The power-saving LEDs can also change color and can be managed from an app on a smart phone. This system is also expandable so it’s easy to add more lights as you work towards an ideal lighting setup. Now your tech lover can make sure outdoor pathways are always illuminated before sundown and their home looks just as beautiful at night as it looks during the day 🌟

Twinkly Music

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Outdoor tech isn’t just about saving time, it can also bring a little sparkle to the outdoor space. Welcome to Twinkly, the perfect color shifting LED lights for every season. Twinkly offers customers a variety of connect LED lights that utilize Bluetooth connections to give customers complete control. These lights don’t just shift color either, they display complex patterns offered by the app, or even react to music. These highly customizable lights are the perfect unique gift to add a pop of color or enhance outdoor music experiences.

BioLite Firepit+

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A backyard fire pit is a great way to gather friends and family to enjoy time outdoors. Today fire pits are far more than just holes in the ground surrounded by rocks, welcome to the Bluetooth-controlled BioLite Firepit+.  This interesting fire pit gift uses a clever fan system to create a smokeless burn that can be controlled by Bluetooth from your phone. The full mesh fire pit allows you to enjoy the beauty and warmth of fire from all sides without annoying smoke getting in the way. The BioLite Firepit+ produces a cleaner burn thanks to this fan integration and it’s a great companion for outdoor cookout thanks to accessories like a grill grate and cast iron flat top. When you're done with your fire pit and it's cooled down you can clean it off and store it in its travel bag for your next outdoor party.

Gardena Sileno Small Automatic Robotic Lawnmower

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Is you tech lover too busy to mow their lawn? Well, don’t worry about hiring them a mowing service, because the Gardena Sileno is ready to take care of all their grass cutting needs. Powered by a powerful app and software that directs its path within the confines of a boundary wire, the Gardena Sileno will cut your lawn every single day keeping your lawn perfectly maintained. When it's done cutting your grass, the Gardena Sileno simply drives to its charging station to refuel for the next day of lawn mowing. The Gardena Sileno is also the quietest robot lawnmower on the market which means it's far less invasive than a traditional gas-powered lawnmower. All you need to do is set up the boundary wire around your property and the Gardena Sileno takes care of the rest giving them back valuable time while keeping their lawn happy and perfectly cut.

Keto AI Smart Skimmer

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It’s time to ditch those annoying test strips and throw away the confusing pool chemistry set because the Keto AI Smart Skimmer is here to monitor their pool’s water quality in real-time. The Keto AI Smart Skimmer is like a personal floating water quality lab giving you real-time updates about your pool’s water parameters. The solar-powered Keto AI Smart Skimmer replaces the plastic pool skimmer cover and immediately gets to work gathering data about your pool. Now it’s easy to know if the pool’s water is safe for swimming thanks to the Keto AI Smart Skimmer’s app notifications and LED indicator. It can even warn if the pool’s water level is dropping to reduce the impact of costly pool leaks. Now everyone can stop over and enjoy your pool with perfect water quality this season thanks to the Keto AI Smart Skimmer.

OtO Device and Stop the Bites! Subscription 

Of course we had to put ourselves on this list!
The OtO device and a Stop the Bites! subscription makes the perfect gift for the techie lawn nut on your gifting list. OtO is a smart yard device that irrigates, fertilizes, and now controls insects all from one compact hub. Users can subscribe to receive regular subscriptions of their favorite yard care products - like our Lawn Food + Molasses Fertilizer or Stop the Bites! Tick & Mosquito control spray - so they never run out. OtO then applies the solutions on a regular schedule, optimizing it's use so you get continuous protection from disease-carrying insects like ticks and mosquitos. Simply add the solution into your OtO device and it does the rest.
Aside from keeping pests out of your yard, OtO can also completely take care of your gift recipient's lawn watering needs with a tap of the button on their phone. Plus, they'll actually save money using OtO's rain and wind skip features and setting the device to water one where needed, skipping non-porous surfaces like sidewalks and walkways. We like to think of it as the gift that keeps on giving.

SunBrite Outdoor TV

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No outdoor living space is complete without an outdoor TV! Thanks to SunBrite’s outdoor TVs they can enjoy a purpose-built outdoor smart TV in their outdoor space rain or shine. The rugged SunBrite Outdoor TV is built to cope with tough conditions that break other TVs. Its sealed case keeps out water and dust while its 50% brighter screen keeps things visible in direct sunlight conditions. The Sunbrite can function from -24° to 104° F. (-31° to 40°C.) which means it shouldn’t have any issues working well in their outdoor space. 


Just when you thought you were out of gifts for the techie in your life, the world of connected backyard tech was here to save the day.

Whether you need a smart device to keep away bugs and manage watering, a robot to mow your lawn, or color changing LEDs to light up your night, outdoor tech is changing the way we think about outdoor living, and we're here for it 🤓


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