Cheaper Alternatives to Inground Irrigation Systems

All lawn maintenance comes with a cost. But the traditional option of an inground irrigation system, complete with serious digging and hefty installation fees, actually increases that number significantly. And that’s without even considering the costs of accidentally breaking into underground pipes, damaged landscaping, and all the other dramas you may unearth in the process.

Thankfully, there’s a better way—and it doesn’t require a single shovel. The answer? Above ground irrigation systems, which are proven to save you cash and keep your lawn beautiful. I’ll also explain how modern technology has moved us past the less sophisticated methods you might recognize (I’ll bet you’re okay with never poking holes in a garden hose again). Smarter technologies like the OtO device allow you to save cash, time, and labor with easy installation, automatic programming, and so much more.

Because your yard should be the place where you enjoy quality time, not a money hole.

Why Is It Important to Choose a Cost-Effective System?

Everyone likes the idea of staying smart and holding onto their cash. But choosing a cost-effective irrigation system doesn’t just save you money. It’s also beneficial to you, the health of your yard, and the planet.

Choosing a system that’s right for your yard helps provide the water it needs while preventing the use of excess water and reducing your environmental impact. Plus, it prevents the driveways, sidewalks, and pathways from getting needlessly wet, which can become a slippery safety hazard for humans and potentially be harmful to the soil-enriching earthworms in your yard. Even in tiny ecosystems like your yard, small decisions have a ripple effect on the soil, the plant life, and the organisms that cohabitate in the space.

Types of Above Ground Irrigation Systems

An above ground irrigation system is any system that waters your lawn and isn’t installed, well, underground. This type of sprinkler system has the benefit of being typically portable, but also has a reputation of lacking some of the features of inground irrigation. Thankfully, modern tech devices have brought must-have automation to above ground irrigation.

But before I rave about how great tech has gotten, let’s bring you up to speed with the three types of above ground irrigation systems.

The Low-Tech Stationary Sprinkler

Whether or not you’ve personally chosen this low-tech approach in the past, you’ve probably seen it—and maybe you’ve even been asked to check on it when visiting a friend or family member’s home.

The stationary sprinkler involves turning a garden hose into a sprinkler by either poking holes into its sides or attaching a sprinkler to its end. Because of its continuous and localized stream, this is not a sound approach for your whole yard. And while it might work for some specific areas that need extra water, such as watering gardens and flowerbeds, it’s a hassle to constantly turn on and off, and it’s more likely to lead to problems such as overwatering or malfunctioning.

The Traditional Sprinker System

Often seen as the old faithful when it comes to lawn care, the traditional sprinkler system is often a combination of stationary sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers, and pulsating sprinklers.

Oscillating sprinklers move back and forth to disperse a sizeable wave of water over a large area (up to about 4,000 feet), but they tend to only work for perfectly rectangular yards—otherwise, you can expect to find a few dry patches and soaked sidewalks.

Pulsating sprinklers pivot on a stationary head to disperse water in a circular motion over an even larger area (up to about 10,000 feet). They’re often selected for more spacious yards, but known to be imprecise and noisy.

Typically, these sprinkler types work in conjunction with the stationary sprinkler to cover all areas of the yard. Seems complicated, right? Well, with modern technological advances in lawncare, you never need to deal with these components again.

The Future of Above Ground Irrigation is Here

No need to set up complicated sprinkler components—or pay someone else to install and maintain them. That’s because of the modern sprinkler and wireless controller, the OtO device, which happens to be the world’s first. It’s an innovative and compact above ground device that automatically waters and applies liquid treatments to your lawn, such as pest control or deodorizing the grass if you have pets.

Because of its genius precision, the OtO device saves you up to 50% on your monthly water bill, all while simplifying your routine. But that’s just the beginning of the benefits of this smart irrigation device.

Why a Smarter Above Ground Irrigation System Is the Way to Go

Above ground irrigation systems might be convenient, but they’re just as likely as inground systems to either underwater your yard or waste water needlessly. That is, unless your irrigation system is smart like the OtO device. Here are the benefits of upgrading.

Save Costs with Every Spray

So what makes this device so cost-saving? You program it on your smartphone, so this OtO device knows exactly where to spray, and how much. That means no more yellow dry patches and no more wet sidewalks. And since there’s no water wasted, you also save on your water bill every single month, so this genius device eventually pays itself off. If you’re planning for the long haul (and you should be), this one’s a no brainer.

Ultra-Convenience: Automation

The OtO device is programmed to treat your greenery automatically, which saves you time and effort. But this also contributes to the longterm health of your plants, because it guarantees consistent treatment, even if life gets ahead of you or you’re away on vacation. (Go you.)

Plant-Nourishing Flexibility

Smart above ground sprinkler systems like the OtO unit can be programmed to water specific areas of your lawn and garden. This allows you to tailor irrigation to the specific needs of your plants. Since they’re getting the optimal amount of water and treatments that they specifically need, they’re sure to thrive better and add to the lush beauty of your yard.

A Simple Installation

All inground sprinkler systems require digging and other complex installation techniques. But above ground systems like the OtO device can be set up quickly and smoothly, with no need to grab the shovel. This simple installation comes especially in handy for areas with a lot of existing vegetation and rocks. And since it can be hard to tell where your inground pipes and plumbing lies, and how deep, it saves the headache of digging into a pipe or the hazard of accidentally coming into contact with a live wire.

A Versatile Approach

Because installation of the OtO device is so straightforward, it can also be moved and modified with ease. This comes in handy when you redo landscaping or add new green zones to your yard.

The Sustainable Choice

Above all, the precision of the OtO device ensures that plants are provided with the right amount of water. By reducing water waste and preventing overwatering, this device can have a positive impact on the environment, especially versus traditional inground sprinkler systems.

Winterizing Made Easy

Unless you live in a tropical paradise, inground sprinkler systems in your area are likely to face some level of damage during the winter. That’s because once temperatures drop, sprinkler heads and pipes can freeze, come brittle, and get damaged. If you do have inground irrigation, it’s best to call in a professional to winterize your system.

Above ground sprinklers, on the other hand, can simply be disconnected and brought into a warm area, such as a garage or shed. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Go Above Ground and Save

Smart above ground irrigation is the obvious choice for saving costs every single month, limiting negative consequences on the environment, and making your lawncare routine (and daily life) easier. That means less time laboring and guessing, and more time simply enjoying your yard.

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