Natural Lawn Care, organic Lawn Food fertilizer sitting on bench
a healthy, lush green lawn without the hassle.
Effortless, automatic lawn and garden treatments, delivered right to your door.

a healthy lawn & garden doesn't have to be hard.


Natural fertilizer, nutrition and more, delivered right to your door, right when you need it.

add solutions.

Install up to three solution bottles per OtO smart device. Each solution is pet, people and planet friendly.

assign to custom zones.

Stop worrying about runoff. Use the app to tell OtO exactly where to apply your solutions, whether that be your lawn or hedges.

healthy soil on autopilot.

Solutions are applied automatically in small doses for immediate uptake.

ingredients you can trust.

Throw away your hazmat suit. We only incorporate nutrients and ingredients that are scientifically proven to get you get the lawn of your dreams.

Molasses-based natural organic fertilizers, applied effortlessly by the OtO device for healthy, safe, clean lawn care.
Natural, organic fertilizers, lawn and garden treatments containing seaweed and kelp.
soy protein.
fermented corn.
distillers grains.
Fertilizers, treatments and pest control for the lawn and garden containing botanical oils like lemongrass oil.
botanical oils.

ingredients we never use.

You won't find any of the following harsh chemcials in our products. That's our promise to you and our planet. These include:

Glyphosate, 2,4-D, Bifenthrin, Mcpp, Pendimethalin, Imidacloprid, Trifluralin, Malathion

small dose, high impact.

feed the soil.

The health of the soil is the most important factor to growing healthy lawns and plants. Our fertilizers contribute to the soil's ecosystem, thereby promoting long-term soil fertility.

Feed the soil | Group of people holding healthy soil in their hands, with small plants growing in them.
Small dose applications help lawns grow green and healthy | Large green lawn with white house
high frequency
small, consistent applications for best results.

Liquid fertilizers provide the fastest delivery of nutrients but is used up or leaves the soil quickly. OtO keeps the plant constantly fed by applying nutrients in small, regular doses.

nitrogen + carbon
a winning combo.

Don't get overwhelmed with complicated subscription fertilizer regimens. Our Lawn Food+ is the perfect balanced diet for your lawn and soil microbial activity.

OtO Lawn provides a healthy balance of nitrogen and carbon to your lawn encouraging it to grow green and strong.

ready to get growing?

OtO lawn automatically watering a green lawn using weather intelligence and automated treatment application. Applies natural fertilizer automatically.

Get the lawn of your dreams, without mixing a single chemical. Delivered right to your door.


We only use ingredients that are not only pet and people safe, but good for the planet too.

Bright, green, healthy, thick grass turf with healthy balanced soil.

Maximize the power of natural products using small doses, for big results. Frequent, consistent application, without the run-off.

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