How do I use Lawn Food+?

Simply scan the bottle using the OtO App and choose which zones you’d like to assign the fertilizer. The OtO device will apply it in small doses on a regular schedule. Each bottle lasts 2 months.

Can I use Lawn Food+ on my vegetable garden / fruit trees?

Yes! You can use Lawn Food+ as a balanced fertilizer to feed the soil of your flowers as well as your edibles before and after growth.

Can I use other OtO products at the same time?

You can install up to three different bottles in each OtO device. For example, if you want to run Lawn Food+ and our Tick & Mosquito Spray on the same zone, you can do this from the same device. They will run at different times so the solutions to not mix.

Are you going to add more products in the future?

Yes, we are working on expanding our product line to include more natural soil nutrients, pest controls and more. If you have any suggestions or brands you’d like us to work with, send them our way!

How do I edit, pause or cancel my subscription?

Email us at care@otolawn.com to edit, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time, with no additional fees!


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